Top 10 Reasons to Sell Your Home Online

Selling your home is a major life milestone, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. However, there are many reasons that selling your house online right now could be in your best interest.

1. Upgrade: You’re still living in the first house you’ve purchased and it shows: it’s too small, outdated or in need of repair. Now that you understand how to purchase a home and know what to expect, why not treat yourself to the living space that you’ve always wanted?

2. Downgrade: On the other hand, maybe you’re living month-to-month in house that’s too big for you. Or maybe your tastes have become simpler with age? Whatever the case is, a selling your home online could be the first step toward reducing the stressful obligations of your current house.

3. The market’s good: As recently as March 2015, San Diego experienced a surge of San Diego home sales, more than it has experienced in over two years. Buyers are quick to snatch up homes for sale in San Diego, so if you’re looking to sell, right now’s the perfect time.

4. Repairs: You’re current house is in need of repairs and you don’t have the patience or motivation to put in the hours to complete them. Many buyers—including house-flippers—are looking for “fixer-upper” homes.

5. New job: If you’ve been offered your dream job, but it’s in a different state, you’re probably going to relocate. Relocation is a very common reason to sell a home, and if it’s indeed your dream job (with higher pay), it’s a good chance that you’re going to upgrade.

6. Changing neighborhoods: Neighborhoods change, or fall into disrepair, and there’s nothing worse than feeling unsafe in your own neighborhood. When crime rates increase, it’s a good time to sell your house and look for other homes for sale in San Diego.

7. Life changes: Life is unpredictable and major changes like divorce, chronic illness and disablement will drastically change your living, housing and income situations.

8. Retirement: Retiring often ushers in a simpler period of life. Selling your house will fall in line with this new, simpler style of living.

9. Move closer to family: When researching how to purchase a home, your proximity to family may be a deciding factor in where you end up. Whether you’re looking for childcare, or financial and/or emotional support, moving closer to family offers many benefits.

10. Reduce stress: The term “money pit” exists for a reason. If you find that all your time is spent stressing about upgrading or repairing your house, it may be time to sell and look for something new.

If you find your sell if in one of the 10 reasons to sell your home, please contact one of our agents at 619-546-2228, they would be happy to give you a free home evaluation and explain in detail your opportunities.


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