About Us

JLMR Investments, LP & Helix Properties Inc. Developmental History & Process

In the beginning three friends joined together to remodel a house that was recently purchased by one of them, pooling their combined expertise in construction, project coordination, purchasing and management they successfully transformed a house built in 1926 into a home that retained its character but adapted for today’s living.

In some aspects it was a small step, and in others a huge leap, to apply their collective knowledge, skills and expertise for the benefit of buyers looking to purchase a quality home. Accepting the challenge of providing a home that they themselves would be happy to live in without sacrificing their personal values and integrity, JLMR Investments acquired its first property in 2010, which led to a handful in 2011 to a current portfolio of successfully completed homes in San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles counties, Riverside county and the Inland Empire. After successfully completing the remodel, the homes were put with sale in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside and the Inland Empire at great rates for the home buyers.

Whether it is the first house on the block or the last one, JLMR Investments continues to improve each neighborhood one house at a time while providing real estate solutions and will continue to grow its services for the benefit of its clients, vendors and the community. We promise to keep to the basics and our core principles.